Riding in a mehari gives you an experience you will never forget. The combination of our love for the island and our love for the mehari and 2cv gave us an idea. Nobody on the island had yet provided visitors with the possibility of hiring meharis and 2cv's, which gave us the idea to rent out this extraordinary car. Ducks United has been established since 2009. Right from the start the success has been overwhelming with renting 2cv's

Ibiza is known for its hippy vibe and driving in your 2CV, great music in the background whilst exploring the island will be a memory you will long treasure.

Renting this amazing car means exploring the island by the ‘duck way’. What’s more, our car rental company offers you way more than just a car hire. It comes complete with the duck lifestyle. All cars are fitted with mp3/ ipod connections and a ‘ducks map’. This gives you the inside information on all the best restaurants and beaches in Ibiza. We will of course keep you in “ the know” about all the talked about hotspots of the moment!

Besides our rental service, we also organize charity dinners for our duck members. You will become a member as soon as you rent a 2CV or Landrover Defender through our company.


rent a car mehari or 2cv Ibiza@dukcsunited.com www.ducksunited.com

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